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Thank you for an awesome residency personal statement you provided me with. Without the assistance from Residency Personal Statements service I would have never got into residency program I wanted.

Marie, OH

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Preliminary Surgery Personal Statement Writing

Writing a Preliminary Surgery Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for a residency can be very difficult yet it has to be done to the highest standards if you want to stand any chance of success with being selected to your chosen program. But writing your preliminary surgery personal statement takes a huge amount of time as well as being one of those tasks that some people just can’t seem to get perfectly right no matter ho hard they try. There is only a limited space in which to get your message over and some people just don’t know what they need to put in and what they should leave out.

They also don’t know how to make everything flow together and how to get the full attention of the reader to lead them to the final conclusion that you are the one to select. You are a surgeon not a writer; your skills lie in other areas than the literary arts in much the same way that you would not expect a writer to remove an appendix, why would a surgeon be a skilled writer? This is why we are here to help you with a professional writing service that can reflect and sell your true skills.

What is a preliminary surgery?  Full residency training fo the certification for the specialty is called categorical, unlike this one a preliminary is able to offer only provide 2 years of training prior to the advanced program.

What is a transitional preliminary? The first year of residency is called preliminary that means that you are getting paid as other interns on the position.
surgery personal statement writing

The True Importance of Your Personal Statement

Everyone that is applying for the residency place that you so want has probably passed the same courses as you and has similar grades and experiences. On paper all of the applicants are very similar so they will use the personal statement to find those who are best suited for their residency program. So your only opportunity to make yourself appear more suitable for this placement is through your personal statement. Surgery residency statements have to be written not as just another list of facts and dates but in a way that shows your passion and suitability to be a surgeon.

Tips for writing preliminary surgery personal statement

  1. The aim of the personal essay is to convey your story, do not be offensive, too clever or artistic. Show commitment to your profession.
  2. Show the direction for moving. Convey that you have spent some time thinking about what you want to do in your career.

The first passage. It includes all about you, it should be interesting but not with exaggerations. Get straight to the point, don’t begin with generalizations. Start with a declarative sentence that describes why you’ve chosen the residency.

Passage 2-3. Expand the statements what makes you tick in your chosen profession, provide the defining moment in which it became clear to you that you wanted to be a certain type of professional. The moment that you describe should be distinctive and show the constant personal devotion and attraction to the profession.

Passage 3. Describe the strong features of your personality, admission essay is the last place where you need to be humble, do it by featuring the examples from your life.

Passage 4. Once you are in the profession what are your nearest plans to implement. Show that you have thought about what you want to do (clinical practice, research, etc.). Specify what shape of your career you are intended to build in the future, deliver how the residency will contribute to your plans in general in the field of your specialization.

Final passage. Summarize all the above mentioned. What you like in your profession, your strengths, show the enthusiasm for your future career plans.

It also has to be written in a way that can capture the readers imagination and have them visualizing you in that position and where you can get to after the successful completion of the residency. Our writers can help you create that vision and help you get that residency and put you on that journey towards a highly successful future in your chosen field.

  • Personal statement shows off your strong features
  • Personal statement enhances your professionalism
  • Personal statement is able to describe you as a personality
  • Personal statement showcases your commitment by providing your own story
  • The personal statement is a decisive document in the situation of similar marks and test scores of the applicants.

The Advantage of Using Our Services

You don’t want your essay written by just any writer; we can provide you with a writer that has qualifications and experience in your specific field of surgery as well as being an expert words smith. They will craft you the perfect preliminary surgery personal statement that will reflect your experiences and your future goals in your chosen field. Expertly written it will not contain any mistakes nor copied content, our editors will have reviewed it also to confirm its perfection. We value our reputation and your success; so we will take every step to ensure your full satisfaction with our services. So if you need support with your preliminary surgery personal statement you know where to come.

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