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I really like the edits that you have made. It’s fantastic. I am incredibly pleased with how you have written my statement, though. And I am incredibly impressed and grateful you did so with such efficiency!

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General Surgery Personal Statement Writing


Struggling with General Surgery Personal Statement Writing?

How is your general surgery personal statement writing coming along? Are you struggling to come up with some ideas or maybe a central theme to bind everything together, or maybe you have too many ideas and you are just not sure which ones are the ones that you should use and which to exclude? Or maybe you are struggling with the writing or you just don’t have the time to do it we can get you that perfect personal statement for the best general surgery residency programs?

sample general surgery residency personal statement

Whatever your problems maybe we are here to provide you with the help and support that you need. General surgery residency statements have to be written to perfection if you want to stand any chance of getting selected over the competition and this is where our skills come in to play just for you.

5 Fatal General Surgery Personal Statement Mistakes That Will Cost You A Residency

Having difficulty in writing your general surgery personal statement? Struggling what to say on making yourself look good in the eyes of the evaluators? Whether you are applying to the top orthopedic surgery residency programs or general surgery residency you need to make sure that your application document will help you to win a place. The following mistakes will probably clear your mind and drive you to write your statement into perfection.

  • Plagiarism.

This is a fatal mistake that will surely kill your residency application. Most applicants are fond of using quotations, phrases, and sentences with strong meaning. Strong and powerful sentences may look good on your personal statement but it ruins your reputation as an applicant and as a person. It sends a signal to the evaluator that you do not have the courage to do things on your own, that you are not confident about your skills, and many other negative things that they can associate to you.

  • Negativity.

All people have their fair share of challenges in life but it is how you handle that makes you stronger. As a surgeon, challenges will come to your way whether you expect it or not. Voicing out your negativity about life, your career, and family on your personal statement will only earn you an impression that you are not matured enough. It is also a sign that you cannot adapt and adjust to challenges. All of these are not good for your application.

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors

These mistakes only mean that you are careless – which is a vital issue in the surgical profession. This means you do not pay attention to details and that you can be thoughtless at times. Punctuations can be small parts of your personal statement but you must get it right at all times. These small details can make or break your application to residency.

  • Clichés, overused quotations and language

Try to be original, genuine, and honest. Avoid using cliché and overused sentences that have become jokes over time. Don’t overdo quotations. Write your personal statement independent of famous quotations.

  • A lengthy personal statement

You are writing for doctors with the busiest schedules in the hospital university. They don’t have ample time to read longer personal statements. Keep your surgery residency personal statement short but succinct, concise and substantial. Include only the important and related information. Keep enough white spaces between paragraphs to allow the readers to rest once in a while.

Not everyone can write an effective personal statement. That is why we are here to help those who are struggling to write their own letters. Here, you can find the professionals with updated talents and skills. Check out our rates and samples for more information.

How We Will Structure Your General Surgery Personal Statement

In order to write a strong personal statement for general surgery that will perfectly display your personality, the writer will work with you to find out everything relevant within your background to help draft out why you are interested in medicine and of course the specific field of surgery. They will then work through your relevant experiences and qualifications that make you suited for this program and remember that some skills and experiences may not be directly related to your med school training.
general surgery personal statement writing serviceThey will seek to understand what is that you will gain from going on this specific residency program and try to define why you are the absolute perfect match. Within all this, they will draw out your strengths and how you will contribute to the overall success of the residency program. They will in addition to this get down your future plans and ambitions so that it is clear that you will continue your chosen career path beyond their residency. Your experienced writer will be able to pull all this together under a common central theme in a way that will get the reader drawn into your desire to be a qualified licensed surgeon.

Why You Should Choose Our Skilled Writers

Our writers have the relevant skills and experience to write a surgery residency personal statement. They are not just writers for hire for any job that may be out there, our writers are employed because they have relevant qualifications in medical areas that allow them to fully understand what needs to be within your statement as well as knowing how to structure it for maximum impact. In addition to our writers, our editorial team will check through their work or even your own work to ensure that your general surgery personal statement is the best it can be. They will also check for copied content to ensure that there are no possibilities for you to be embarrassed.

general surgery residency personal statement writing

To ensure the quality of our work you can check out our letter of intent residency sample, personal statement samples that are always available on our website. And if there are any questions you can get in touch with our support team that available 24/7 and get all the support you need!

 So if you want the best chance of gaining that place, leave the writing of your general surgery personal statement to the professionals! The help of our reliable service is always available!