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General Notions on Vascular Surgery Personal Statement Creation


Education Required to Become a Vascular Surgery Specialist

If you want to connect all your future life and career with vascular surgery – surgery specialty that deals with healing of blood vessels illnesses, and vascular system (veins and arteries) as a whole, its medical therapy and surgical reconstruction, you will of course need a brilliant education. Medical students need to study from five to eight years (depending on the country and educational institution) to get MD or DO and start their medical practice. But first of all, to be accepted to the educational establishment you will be asked to compose a vascular surgery personal statement.

Top 5 Universities for Applying for a Vascular Surgery Residency

Here is a list of the top 5 universities specializing in vascular surgery around the globe:

  • University of North Carolina (UNC)

This residency dedicated to vascular surgeons has a long and rich history, first fielding graduates in 1978. The program itself first focuses on a full year of research before transitioning to a clinical year. From 2005, the program’s duration was extended to two years clinical program. After completing the program, one is eligible for a Special Qualifications in Vascular Surgery certificate that is awarded by the American Board of Surgery.

The added benefit of this program is that it is designed to mold individuals to either venture into private practice or an academic career.

  • University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

This is one of the most detailed vascular surgery residencies in the world. It provides residents with 5 years of clinical training specializing in vascular surgery. The program further facilitates core rotations focusing on vascular disease and general surgery.

Once the program is completed, one can be awarded with a primary board certification highlighting experience in vascular surgery.

  • University of California Davis

The University of California Davis has one of the leading departments of Medicine in the United States. The university has a detailed 5-year vascular surgery residency training program that provides individuals with the ability to attain certification by the American Board of Surgery to the Vascular Surgery Board.

The program is designed to accept a maximum of two residents every year, one being military while the other being a civilian. If you’re applying as a civilian applicant, you are required to participate in the (NRMP) National Residency Match Program while in your final year in graduate medical school. Like many of the top residencies, the program specializes in vascular surgery while tying the importance of top-range technology.

  • The University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery in this university has provided decades of longstanding dedication and desire to produce progressive leaders in the field of vascular surgery. Since its establishment in 1982, the University has worked towards fostering 36 of the best candidates in this area of specialty.

The program consists of 5 years, training some of the best vascular surgeons in the United States and the world.

  • The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The program of Vascular Surgery has been considered one of the most popular in the United States, since 2001. Individuals can gain access to the residency through application and matching via the NRMP® or ERAS®

There are two residency programs; the two-year, and the five-year program depending on your specialization.

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Role of a Vascular Surgery Personal Statement in Vascular Surgery Residency Application

Whenever you are doing an application for residency, writing a vascular surgery residency personal statement is extremely important. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Showcases your personality: A personal statement is great because it helps you articulate yourself well and put a name and personality to the individual that is applying to the residency.
  • Helps you to stand out: A unique surgery residency personal statement can help you stand out and have an edge over other applicants that are applying for vascular surgery residency
  • Can help you defend weaker areas of your application: In areas where you do not shine with your application, say for example having slightly lower grades than overachievers, you can argue your points by crafting a captivating personal statement.

Hints for Vascular Surgery Personal Statement Topic Choice

And this demand may really cause some problems for the applicants. True, it is not so easy to choose the topic for vascular surgery personal statement, carefully develop it and write a winning statement. But there will be no other way to get selected by the residency committee except the named one. That is why several examples of possible topics for vascular surgery personal statement are to your attention:

  • Your previous experience of the vascular surgery importance;
  • Procedures implemented for vascular system healing (vein stripping, carotid stinting, ambulatory phlebectomy etc.);
  • Real-life stories of magic cure due to vascular surgery methods etc.

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Major Components and Requirements of a Vascular Residency Application

Similar to other medicine residency applications, here are some of the key requirements to have during your application:

  • Detailed application: All facets of the application process should be completed.
  • Vascular surgery personal statement: This is a personal essay describing your personality and your reasons for applying to this particular residency. A vascular surgery personal statement should be about 600 words in length and a format as outlined by the university that you are applying to.
  • Recent photograph: A most recent photograph for identification.
  • CV for residency: A top-notch curriculum vitae showcasing your achievements and your school history.
  • Letters of recommendation: Letters of recommendation from trusted faculty members from your previous institution.
  • Medical school transcript: A detailed transcript showcasing your grades and your performance in school.
  • USMLE: A high-ranking USMLE® result.

Following the Traditional Structure of a Residency Personal Statement

When you compose a surgery personal statement you should carefully obey the traditional three-component structure that consists of Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. These three structural parts are needed in any type of personal statement. This will not only help you to attract attention of the readers towards the content of your vascular surgery personal statement, but produce the desired artistic effect.

  • Introduction: The introduction is where you lay the foundations of the personal statement for integrated vascular surgery. Here, an individual begins by introducing themselves, and stating why they chose vascular surgery as their main field of specialty.
  • Body: The body is where you delve deeper into your personality, and giving the admissions team an idea about who you are, your mannerisms, and personal information about you tied to the residency application.
  • Conclusion: Last but not least, we have the conclusion where you can talk about  the certain subtleties of your habits such as your hobbies, and what you love doing during your spare time.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that your conclusion ties effortlessly to your introduction to maintain a great flow.

5 Great Tips to Writing a Stellar Personal Statement for Vascular Surgery

Here are the top 5 tips that you need to keep in mind when writing your personal statement vascular surgery:

  • Ensure your paragraphs are short and sweet: There’s something great about brief paragraphs that makes content much easier to write, especially your personal statement. To make your paragraphs brief, you can go about it by making your sentences short. One ideal way of doing this is keeping them at a minimum of 20 words.
  • Focus on the flow of your content: To ensure quality when writing a personal statement for vascular surgery, the flow of the content must be stellar. That is, the conclusion must tie seamlessly to the introduction for maximum results and pleasurable reading.
  • Make your personal statement brief and precise: As stated earlier, your personal statement for vascular surgery should be no more than 600 words. That’s because a long personal statement tends to deviate from the subject and increase the complexity of the content.
  • Follow a standard outline: Depending on the university that you’re applying to, there is usually a standard outline to follow. Ensure to follow this outline throughout your application process.
  • Content proofreading: Once done with your personal statement, take time off your busy schedule to ensure that the content is proofread to avert any errors in grammar.
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