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So you have finished medical school and you want to become a licensed surgeon able to practice your skills without supervision! First, you need to get accepted onto a residency program. There are many to choose from but the competition is fierce especially for some of the most popular streams. Your surgery personal statement will play a major role in whether you are accepted to a residency training program. We are here to help you with the most difficult process – writing your surgery personal statements.


Why Your Surgery Personal Statement Is So Important

Consider the fact that you were not the only medical student who graduated recently. You were not the only one who studied hard, earned good grades and provided meaningful insight during lectures. Try to assess yourself objectively compared to peers who also managed to graduate – what advantages or disadvantages do you have? Are your grades or qualification very much similar?

Last year, there were over 17,000 medical school graduates in the United States. Out of that number, there were over 1,000 graduates who did not obtain a match during the formal period. More than half of these students failed to obtain a match even after an informal period. What happens then? Due to the deficit of the number of federally funded residency programs and the increasing enrollment of new students means that even more individuals will graduate only to face an even more limited number of available slots.

We have the writing skills and experience necessary to create a winning personal statement. A personal statement surgery residency requires must be able to hook the reader right from the first line and keep their attention until the very end. We know exactly how to achieve this.


How to Write Surgery Residency Personal Statement

First, you have to start with a compelling introduction. Work on an intro that will capture the attention of the readers – something that will intrigue them to continue reading. It could be a turnaround experience that prompted you to choose a surgical residency program. This experience should be compelling, honest, truthful and genuine. You can also start with something inspirational that happened to you, which also led you to this path.

In writing your body of the personal statement, connect all the information, facts, and details. All of these should have something to do with your career choice. They should support your main idea, which is to enter the residency program as a surgeon. In your content, don’t use slang, uncommon words, or words with very deep meaning. Make it more conversational and familiar as much as possible. And lastly, avoid making everything all about yourself. Go easy on using “I”, “me” and “mine”. These words are red flags to readers as they may signify that you are more self-centered than a compassionate and caring person.

Surgery residency personal statement is one of the basic requirements in applying for a surgical residency program. Some people are lucky to have talent in writing but for those who are less fortunate in this field, we offer professional help to write these letters for you. We have a team of professional writers whose specialty and field of study involve writing documents like a personal statement.


Creating a Unique Surgery Personal Statement

Our writers will work with you to discover all of your relevant skills, strengths, reasons for studying medicine and for this specialty as well as all of your future goals and ambitions. They will find information that you will never have thought to include within your essay and turn it into a flowing coherent statement that will help anyone realize that you are the perfect choice for any surgery residency program.

Their skills will ensure that your personal statement will be completely unique and capable of influencing the decision-making bodies. Why try to write it yourself if you can have an experienced writer with many years of experience successfully writing mostly medical personal statements do it for you?


Why Choose Our Personal Statement Writing Service?

We have the skills and experience to produce a winning statement that will impress those making the selections. Our writers are qualified in writing medical personal statements and our company has a proven track record in providing successful surgery personal statements.

Our personal statements are error free and guaranteed to be free of any plagiarism. The English will be perfect, the choice of words will be excellent and the overall impact of your surgery personal statement will be strong. We are so confident that you will be happy with the statement you receive that we offer a full money back guarantee.